Serving and Scoring

The ball can be served either over or underhand, but it has to be served from behind the end line until it is touched. The ball has to be easily seen by the opponents when served, and it has to be returned with a bump (no setting or attacking allowed). The ball is allowed to touch the net, provided it falls on the opposite side of the court. The first serve of the game is given to the loser of the last game, or a volley is used to determine who will serve.

A point is scored every time the ball touches the floor (rally scoring), and the game is played until one team reaches 25 points (with a 2 point lead). The defense is awarded a point every time the ball touches the ground on the offensive side, the ball is sent out of bounds by the offensive team, or the ball is served into the net. The offense wins a point every time the ball hits the ground on the defensive side or the ball is sent out of play by the defensive team.

Rotation and Gameplay

Every time a team wins the volley, they are required to rotate. The rotation is always clockwise, and there always has to be between four and six players per side.

Each side can only hit the ball three times before it clears the net, and a player cannot hit the ball twice in a row (this is not counting the block). The ball can touch the net and stay in play, and a point is awarded if the ball hits a boundary line. A hit is considered legal if the ball is touched by any part of the player above his waist, provided the ball doesn’t visibly stop moving.

Should two players or more touch the ball at the same time, it is only counted as a single play but neither player is permitted to touch the ball until another player has. The serve cannot be attacked or blocked, and only the front line players can change positions.

Violations and The Ball

Violations include:

  • Placing the foot over or on the line while serving
  • Illegally hitting the volleyball
  • Not sending the ball over the net at the serve
  • Touching the net
  • Reaching the arms or hands over the net (except when following through on a spike or blocking)
  • Reaching beneath the net
  • Serving in an incorrect order
  • Spiking or blocking from anywhere in front of the 10-foot line (if you are in the back line)